The company Coal - Pernik Ltd. intends to invest in 2011 in:

  • Construction of installation with magnetite for enrichment of coal-class 30-80 mm, with a capacity of 15 tons/hour.
  • Installation with fluidized enrichment of class 5-15 mm, with a capacity 40 tons/hour.
  • Briquette installation with capacity of 15 tons/hour.

Location map

Company Profile

Coal - Pernik Ltd. is a company with 100% private participation. Its activity is: Mining and enrichment of coal with calorific value from 2000 to 5000 kcal/kg and production of briquettes.

On April the 1st 2002 was concluded concession agreement between the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria, represented by the Minister of Energy and Energy Resources, and the other concessionaire Coal - Pernik Ltd.

Under the contract in favor of Coal - Pernik Ltd. was established concession for mining from the "Bela voda", Pernik coal basin with an area of 8.6 km² to year 2037.


"Bela voda field is located in the northwestern part of Pernik coal basin.

The coal formation deposit "Bela voda" is represented by all known in the Pernik coal basin layers.

The first studies of coal in the region began in 1930-1935 with a steam drill. In 1938-1939 was made the first mine in the eastern mining section.

Production And Capacity

Until 2009 the company Coal - Pernik Ltd. was extracting coal by underground and open manner.

 In 2009 underground mining was closed and now the field is developed in an open manner.

In 2010 the company acquired 164,000 tons of coal with 17.5% moisture and 48.0% ash.

Our company carries out the enrichment of the extracted coal.

We have:

Since 2004, the Company has a well equipped laboratory for conducting chemical analysis of coal produced, ensuring quality to customers and consumers.

Coal Pernik Ltd. produces coal for domestic market. Large coal classes 15 and 30 mm, are preferred for heating of the population in Pernik and Sofia and throughout the country.

The energy coal is demanded fuel by the Greek DEI to improve the environmental performance of the Greek Thermal Power Plants,by Macedonians metallurgical factories and also by customers from Serbia.

  • Installation of air enrichment with capacity of 40 tons per hour coal with particle sizes of 15-50 mm and 30-50mm.
  • Enrichment washing plantinstallation with capacity of 20 tons per hour of coal with particle sizes 0 to 40 mm.

Machinery And Equipment Available

Our company carries out activities under excavation, transport and disposal of earth and rock with an annual capacity to 2.5 million m³.

And in addition to standard machines we have unique auger drilling machine, which makes horizontal drilling from +10 to -15 degrees with a diameter of 0.8 m and a length of 35 meters.