The company Coal - Pernik Ltd. intends to invest in 2011 in:

  • Construction of installation with magnetite for enrichment of coal-class 30-80 mm, with a capacity of 15 tons/hour.
  • Installation with fluidized enrichment of class 5-15 mm, with a capacity 40 tons/hour.
  • Briquette installation with capacity of 15 tons/hour.

Location map


COALMoisture Wr %Ash Ad %Sulfur Sd %Calorific value cal/gCalorific value J/gPrice with VAT, no excise
Coal size 30 - 50 mmto 18to 25to 1,5to 430018000160 BGN per ton
Coal size 20 - 30 mmto 17to 25to 1,5to 430018000150 BGN per ton
Heard of 25 kg with particle size over 30 - 50 mmto 17to 22to 1,5to 4300180006.00 BGN per bag
Heard of 25 kg with particle size over 20 -30mmto 17to 25to 1,5to 4300180005.50 BGN per bag
Coal size 0-20mm for energy consumptionto 21to 40to 1,5to 28001172380 BGN per ton
Enriched coal with particle size 0-30 mm for energy consumptionto 22to 25to 1,5to 40001674786.40 BGN per ton
Production of sludgeto 28to 70to 1,5to 1000418715 BGN per ton
Coal size 6 -20 mmto 17to 25to 1,5to 430018000stopped by produced
Enriched coal 0-6mmto 22 to 26to 1,5to 410017170100 BGN per ton
Сoal 0-6 mm to 18to 45to 1,5to 250010467stopped by produced
Coal pellets Ф14mm in big-bag to 18to 17to 0.6to 460019 500200 BGN per ton
Coal pellets Ф14mm in heard of 25 kg to 18to 17 to 0.6to 460019 5006.00 BGN per bag
For order of coal phone +359 (0) 889 151 534